Questions Unasked at Recent Louisville Forum on Hospital Mergers

Last Wednesday, Dec 14, I appeared on a Louisville Forum panel with two other individuals with serious concerns about the proposed acquisition: Ms. Beverly Glascock, a nurse and attorney; and Dr. Ken Zegart, a prominent Ob/Gyn physician.  It turned out to be a spirited affair.  The house was packed with UofL supporters.  There was not much time for many of the questions submitted in writing from the audience.  I was disappointed in the spectrum of questions asked.  I had prepared a list of questions that I hoped would be asked of the supporters, and in fairness, a list of questions I half-expected would be asked of us.

How would you answer these questions?  I will take a stab at them one-by-one in subsequent entries in this Policy Blog.  If you indicate a favorite, I will tackle that one first.  I numbered the questions in each section for that purpose although they are not in any particular order.  Look also at the many questions I posed in the first major entry in this Hospital Acquisition Series.  What questions would you have asked?  Ask them here!  Perhaps the acquisition proponents will respond respond as well.  Read on to see the questions.

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