Somethings Big Are In The Air

The Executive Committee of the UofL Board of Trustees is assembling now. The executive committee can act for the whole. I predict it will vote on the relationship with KentuckyOne Health. It is likely the vote will involve severance of the joint operating agreements. UMC would then take control of the entire Hospital. From what I have heard, and because of recent financial events, I will be surprised if this does not happen.

Tomorrow the State Auditor will announce the results of the audit of the relationship between the University and its Foundation. I understand that the audit will not be kind.

We will soon know more.

Peter Hasselbacher

One thought on “Somethings Big Are In The Air”

  1. The Board did authorize an agreement to dissolve the Joint Operating Agreement as expected. Academic Affiliation Agreement to be revised, as it must be for both parties to interact in the future. How UofL arranges to manage its own hospital will be unveiled in the months to come. It faces formidable challenges but also a great opportunity to further shed the legacy it inherited from the old Louisville General Hospital.

    The Executive Committee apparently also acted on a separation agreement with Dr. David Dunn, one of the principle architects of the KentuckyOne agreements. (See next article for details.)

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