An Apology, and a Renewed Invitation.

I apologize for the hiatus in my entries which was probably a predictable consequence of my New Year’s resolution. I have a new and unbounded respect for journalists and commentators who turn out material regularly, week after week. I got sidetracked by an illness and death in my family, but so do the real journalists I admire.

It probably doesn’t make any difference anyway, because I may be the only one who reads these pages! I have no way of knowing how many people have visited the KHBI Website or Blog. To make it easier for you to contribute, I have relaxed the requirement to register in order to add comments. The anti-spam capabilities of WordPress (the software I use for this initiative) are pretty good. If things get out of hand, I can always reinstate registration. I only ask for civility. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Peter Hasselbacher, MD
June 13, 2011