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I have enjoyed preparing this series of articles relating to healthcare and medical education over the past few years. I find the research and analysis of data lying beneath many of the articles to be intellectually satisfying. People tell me that I am making a difference and encourage me to keep it up. In truth, I also found that the actual process of writing itself, and the sharing of my ideas or opinions to be personally rewarding. I am neither the first nor the last to be enthralled by the ability to self-publish – or less elegantly stated, to blog!

There have been occasions where I recognized that the subject of some of my offerings strayed from the main theme of health policy, but I could usually justify that, at least to myself. However, I increasingly feel the urge to write about things that even I cannot warp into the world of healthcare. Thus, to feed this imperative, I launched this week a second unabashed blog —     There are a couple of timely things there now.  Take a look from time to time and help me turn it into something interesting and useful.  I will place a link to the site in the sidebar of this one to remind you.


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I have been using the same basic theme for this WordPress-based website for several years. It was not very friendly to the mobile devices that many of our readers use.  For that and other technical and aesthetic reasons, I upgraded the theme-in-use to “Twenty Sixteen,” WordPress’s new default theme released recently with an update of the underlying software. Among other changes, you  will find that the sidebar materials collapse to the bottom on smaller screens making it easier to use the site on phones and pads.

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Lots To Write About— So Little Time!

peter-hasselbacherI was traveling some over the last month and got behind on my writing.  I will try to catch up as a lot has been happening both here in Louisville and elsewhere.  Come back to see what is new.  Better yet, sign up for the notification function in the sidebar and you will be notified every time there is a new post or comment. No one but me will know of that request and I will not share.

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